What is the Rev Code 278?

Code 278 for other implants. Code 320 for x-rays (rluoroscopy) Code 370 for general anesthesia (bill time as units)

Commercial payers consider both revenue codes 278 and 636 for additional carve-out payments. RC278 does not require a HCPCS code for CMS, but it is highly recommended to assign HCPCS codes when applicable on outpatient claims.

Subsequently, question is, what is Revenue Code 274? Implantable Device Vs. Medical Supply/Material. Revenue Code 274 – Prosthetic/orthotic devices. Revenue Code 275 – Pacemaker. Revenue Code 278 – Other Implants.

Correspondingly, does rev code 370 require Hcpcs?

Whenever providers perform sedation in the hospital, a good option is to report an anesthesia charge under revenue code 370 with no HCPCS code. Do not separately bill the administration of the sedating agent (i.e., the code for the IV push or the IV infusion).

What is Revenue Code 636?

Facilities report separately payable HCPCS codes under revenue code 636 (drugs with detailed coding) to ensure that they receive reimbursement. CMS recommends that facility providers ¬report all drugs with a HCPCS code under revenue code 636 to better capture actual pharmacy overhead cost through claims data.

Does rev code 250 require Hcpcs?

What is the difference and should we use revenue code 636 to report all drugs with HCPCS codes? A: Many facilities report packaged drugs under revenue code 250 regardless of whether an applicable HCPCS code exists.

Does rev code 250 require NDC?

Accordingly, general pharmacies (e.g. revenue code 250) do not require NDC code to be billed on the corresponding revenue service line.

What is Revenue Code 301?

Medical/surgical supplies and devices- other. 300. Laboratory. 301.

What is Revenue Code 276?

Revenue codes are three-digit codes that affect reimbursement and represent the services provided by the ASC facility for a payer. Implants are listed with the 278 revenue code or with 276 for intraocular lenses (IOL) (used in cataract procedures).

What is the difference between CPT codes and revenue codes?

A medical claim will not be paid if this is missing from a bill. Revenue codes go along with procedure codes. It’s the use of revenue codes which allows hospitals to use the same CPT code in multiple departments because it will show which department the services were provided in.

Does Revenue Code 270 require Hcpcs?

Only the revenue codes listed below are recognized on the outpatient hospital claim as facility revenue codes. Do not list both a facility code and a CPT/HCPCS code. * Revenue code 270 should be reported only once on the outpatient claim. It is to be reported for medical or surgical supplies or both combined.

What is Revenue Code 110?

110. Room and board. 111. Medical/Surgical/Gyn. 112.

Can you bill Revenue Code 636 on an inpatient claim?

Revenue Code 636 is used. It requires HCPCS. Other inpatient drugs continue to be billed without HCPCS codes under pharmacy. Coverage is not applicable to inpatient Part B claims.

What does Rev 510 mean?

Usually the facility bills on the UB and uses the revenue codes to indicate the department in the facility the patient was in. 510 is the outpatient clinic, 450 is the ER and so on. The revenue code is usually accompanied by a CPT code to indicate the level of the service provided.

What is Revenue Code 0636?

Each facility must assess their billing system’s capabilities for reporting HCPCS codes under revenue code 025X. If you don’t have this capability, bill these drugs under revenue code 0636 (drugs requiring detailed coding). CMS encourages hospitals to report packaged drugs with a HCPCS code.

Does Revenue Code 360 require Hcpcs?

Therefore, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) was passed in 1986 requiring that hospitals report HCPCS codes for all outpatient services. Examples of revenue codes that require a corresponding HCPCS include: 450, 360, 636, 761, and 490.

What is Revenue Code 360 used for?

Revenue Code Description 360 Operating room services 361 Minor surgery 369 Other operating room services Anesthesia

Does Revenue Code 274 require Hcpcs?

274 – Prosthetic/Orthotic Devices. This code requires HCPCS codes. As of July 2003, implantable prosthetic/orthotic devices should be coded as 278 per Medicare regulation.

Are revenue codes 3 or 4 digits?

HIPAA transactions are excluded from this process since they already require 4-digit revenue codes. The 4-digit converted code — the 3-digit code with a leading zero added — will be reported back on the provider’s 835 record and/or provider remittance.