Who can counter Doomfist?

“Mccree counters doomfist lol” No it’s not. If you played him you’d know. Just wait till doom adds a slam before that uppercut.

Mccree counters doomfist lol” No it’s not. If you played him you’d know. Just wait till doom adds a slam before that uppercut.

Also, how do you deal with Doomfist?

  1. Be able to predict / have a good idea where he is going to E in.
  2. Stay with your team, call for peels if you’re on a hero that can’t deal with him that well.
  3. Switch if he keeps picking you off. If he keeps killing you without getting punished by your team, ask for them to focus him more when he dives in.

Subsequently, question is, who counters Mei?

Mei Counters

Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Lucio Widowmaker
Reinhardt Bastion
Winston Reaper

What is the best way to counter McCree?

There very few heroes who are among the McCree Counters in Overwatch. Since the general strategy for McCree staying behind a tank and doing damage, he can also be played aggressively with his flash-bang+Fan the hammer combo.

McCree Counters.

Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Zenyatta Bastion
Winston Zarya
Mei Reinhardt

How do you counter a roadhog?

Roadhog is countered by heroes who prevent his actions and block his hooks, like Mei and Zarya. Heavy damage dealers such as Reaper can melt his health points.

Who does Genji counter?

Genji Counters Strong Agaisnt Weak Against Widowmaker Winston Hanzo Roadhog Zenyatta Pharah Soldier 76 Symmetra

What is the counter to Reaper?

Reaper Counters Strong Agaisnt Weak Against Winston McCree Mercy Pharah Zenyatta Genji Roadhog Zarya

Who is good against Sombra?

Sombra Hero Counters Defense Tank Offense Hanzo Counters Reinhardt Counters McCree Counters Junkrat Counters Roadhog Counters Pharah Counters Mei Counters Winston Counters Reaper Counters Torbjorn Counters Zarya Counters Soldier 76 Counters

Does McCree counter Genji?

The biggest piece of evidence that McCree does not counter Genji is that when a McCree is doing well, players on the other team swap TO Genji. Players literally swap to Genji to counter McCree. If McCree is supposed to counter Genji, then Genji should not be able to deflect flashbang and deadeye.

What tank counters bastion?

Orisa is probably the strongest tank against Bastion. Tracer, Sombra, Genji, Hanzo, and Junkrat are all strong against Bastion too.

What tanks counter Mei?

The only tanks that can really take on Mei are Roadhog and Zarya. However if you try to take Mei 1v1, you will lose most of the time. A common misconception is that Roadhog counters Mei.

Who counters soldier 76?

Soldier 76 Counters Strong Agaisnt Weak Against Mercy Reinhardt Bastion Roadhog Lucio Mei Pharah McCree