Who is the oldest person in the outsiders?

At twenty, Darry is the old man in The Outsiders. He’s the oldest of the Curtis brothers and,

Read an in-depth analysis of Ponyboy Curtis. Darrel Curtis – Ponyboy’s oldest brother. Darrel, known as “Darry,” is a twenty-year-old greaser who is raising Ponyboy because their parents have died in a car crash. Strong, athletic, and intelligent, Darry has quit school.

Furthermore, why is the outsiders a banned book? This book has been banned from some schools and libraries because of the portrayal of gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, strong language/slang, and family dysfunction. However, in many U.S. schools, the book is part of the English curriculum at the middle- or high-school level.

Correspondingly, how old is everyone in the outsiders?

IMDb Rating: 7.1

Actor Age then Age now
Patrick Swayze 31 Would’ve been 67
Rob Lowe 19 55
Emilio Estevez 21 57
Tom Cruise 21 57

Who died from the outsiders in real life?

Women worldwide fell in love with Swayze in his two biggest movie roles that followed The Outsiders—dancer Johnny in Dirty Dancing (which just turned 30!) and Sam in Ghost. Sadly, Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and died at age 57 in 2009.

Who kills himself in the outsiders?

He didn’t kill himself intentionally, but he did kill himself by holding up the unloaded gun to the policemen if you read the book you would find out more about this part of the movie. Johnny was the only thing Dally truly, deeply loved.

What was Ponyboys real name?

Ponyboy Curtis

How old is Cherry Valance?

16 year old

What age did dally go to jail?


Was Sandy pregnant in the outsiders?

One of the Curtis brothers in S. E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders, Sodapop was in love with his girlfriend, Sandy. Apparently, Sandy becomes pregnant, and she moves to Florida to live with her grandparents. Soda proposes marriage to her, but Sandy turns him down (or gives him no answer).

Who are the 7 greasers in the outsiders?

Plot. In the mid-1960s in Tulsa, Oklahoma, greasers are a gang of tough, low-income working-class teens. They include Ponyboy Curtis and his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darrel, as well as Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Two-Bit Matthews, and Steve Randle.

How Old Is Sandy the outsiders?

Sandy Birthday Unknown Age 17 Affiliation Greaser Family Grandmother

Is the outsiders a true story?

The Outsiders is a non-fiction book. Non-fiction means it’s not a true story and fiction means it’s a true story.

What does stay gold mean?

“Stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny when the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. One line in the poem reads, “Nothing gold can stay,” meaning that all good things must come to an end.

Why does Darry cry in the hospital?

When Pony looks at Darry he sees that he is crying. In that split second, Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care for him, that he was just trying too hard. After losing his parents, Darry fears losing another loved one. Cherry’s willingness to clue the greasers in on Soc activity shows her to be in a kind of limbo.

Who is famous for shoplifting in the outsiders?

Two-Bit Mathews He is famous for shoplifting and his jet-handled switchblade.

What does Tim Shepard look like?

Physical Appearance. Tim is described as “cat-like”, with curly black hair and dark blue eyes. His nose had been broken twice (thrice as of the rumble which took place near the end of the novel). He has a long scar from his temple to his chin where he was belted with a broken pop bottle.

What does two bits switchblade represent?

Two-Bit’s switchblade is his most prized possession and, in several ways, represents the disregard for authority for which greasers traditionally pride themselves. First of all, the blade is stolen. Second, it represents a sense of the individual power that comes with the potential to commit violence.

When did ponyboy’s parents die?

Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year-old boy whose world has been turned upside down. His parents were killed in an automobile accident just eight months before The Outsiders story takes place. He lives with his oldest brother, Darry, who is 20 years old and has legal custody of him and his other brother, Sodapop, who is 16.