How do I add an event to my squarespace calendar?

Open an Events Page and ensure it’s set to List view. In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Site Styles. In the Events section, check or uncheck Show Past Events. Click Save to apply your changes.

To add an event:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click an Events Page, or click the + icon to add a new Events Page.
  3. On the Events Page, click the + icon.
  4. In the Edit Event window, enter the event’s title.
  5. Click the date links to select the event’s start time and end time.
  6. In the Options tab, add a thumbnail image.

Also Know, how do I sell event tickets on squarespace? 3 simple steps to integrate with Squarespace

  1. Sign up with Ticket Tailor and create event. Name your event, set a date, price your tickets and more.
  2. Copy widget code. Copy the box office widget code from your Ticket Tailor control panel.
  3. Add code block and paste widget code. Open a page or post editor in Squarespace.

Keeping this in view, how do I see past events on squarespace?

Open an Events Page and ensure it’s set to List view. In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Site Styles. In the Events section, check or uncheck Show Past Events. Click Save to apply your changes.

How can I create a calendar on Facebook?

Type “Events Calendar” in the search text box at the top of your Facebook page and click the “Events Calendar” option that appears in the drop-down menu. Click “Go to App” and then click the “Click here to begin using Events Calendar” link. Click the “Allow” button.

Can you add a Google calendar to squarespace?

Go to settings button, click on “Settings”, then scroll down on the left side of the page, look for “Settings for other calendars” and click on “My Calendar”, next you have to scroll down until you find “Integrate calendar” heading and then look for “Embed code”; copy the code (CTRL+C) that is below and go back to your

How much does squarespace cost?

Squarespace’s four pricing plans range from $12 to $40 per month (paid annually), and include two website plans and two online store plans. The more you pay, the more advanced features you unlock.

How do you hide events on Facebook?

Click the drop-down menu next to “Privacy” and select “Invite Only.” This ensures that the only people who can see the event are the ones you’ve invited. Deselect “Guests Can Invite Friends” to stop those users from inviting their friends to the event.

What is squarespace circle?

Squarespace Circle is a program designed to support, inspire, and engage the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients. Circle members get longer trial periods, optimized customer support, and access to exclusive content.

How do you sell a workshop?

How to Sell Out Your First Workshop LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. The best way to create something that will be helpful for your tribe is to LISTEN first and often. Build true relationships. Trust and relationships are built over time. Start teaching now! Don’t wait until you are at the workshop to start teaching. Pre-sell tickets (test your offerings)

How can I add Google Calendar to my website?

Add a Google calendar to your website On a computer, open Google Calendar. In the top right, click Settings. On the left side of the screen, click the name of the calendar you want to embed. In the “Integrate calendar” section, copy the iframe code displayed. Under the embed code, click Customize. Choose your options, then copy the HTML code displayed.

Who owns squarespace?

Anthony Casalena

What is a block summary?

Use Summary Blocks to display your content (blog posts, products, gallery or project images, or events) in a variety of layouts. Summary Blocks are great for: Changing the layout of your content without making drastic style changes. Adding links to related content at the end of a blog post or product details page.

Does squarespace have plugins?

Squarespace plugins are snippets of code that you add to your Squarespace site to make it do more. From sidebars to video lightboxes, you’ll find some of the best Squarespace add-ons on the web available here.

What is a summary block squarespace?

The summary block allows you to present your content – whether it’s blog posts, products, gallery images, or events – in different layouts within your Squarespace pages and blog posts. The list summary block displays items in a single column with thumbnail images on one side and text on another.

How does squarespace integrate with Eventbrite?

On your Squarespace site, choose the page, blog post, event, or other content area where you’d like the widget to appear. Click an Insert Point and select Code from the Block Menu. For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks with Insert Points. Paste the Eventbrite code into the Edit Code box.

How do I add a blog to my homepage squarespace?

Set a post as featured In the Home Menu, click Pages, then select the Blog Page you want to edit. Hover over the blog post you want to set as featured and click Edit. If your site is on version 7.1, click. Click the Options tab, then check Featured Post at the bottom of the blog post editor. Click Save.

What is a block in a blog?

Blocks are content elements that you add to the edit screen to create content layouts. Each item you add to your post or page is a block. You can add blocks for each paragraph, images, videos, galleries, audio, lists, and more. There are blocks for all common content elements and more can be added by WordPress plugins.

Is Ticket Tailor safe?

Ticket Tailor is a user-friendly commission-free online ticketing platform that lets professional events organizers sell tickets online without a third party ticketing agency in between. The best part is that unlike most ticketing services, Ticket Tailor doesn’t take any amount from your revenue.