What is a ribbon board in construction?

In construction terms a ribbon refers to a board or lengths of board which are nailed to wall studs for the purpose of supporting ceiling joists nailed to the ribbon.

ribbon board. 1. A ribbon strip. 2. A horizontal member in formwork used to prevent the spreading of a wall box.

Secondly, what is stick framing? Stick framing is building the roof on the construction site one piece or board at a time. Then dimensional lumber, called rafters, are cut to fit one piece at a time and shoved up to a framer on the roof that’s balancing on scaffolding who installs the rafters.

Thereof, what is a bottom plate in construction?

A Bottom Plate is the piece of timber which sits on the floor and forms the bottom of the wall, carrying the stud loads to the floor joists.

How do you do framing?

Use #1 or #2 grade pine; the quality goes down as the numbers go up.

  1. Build the Frame. Use a framing nailer to attach the framing members to create the wall.
  2. Mark the Wall Position. Tilt the completed frame upright and shift it out of the way.
  3. Attach the Wall to the Other Walls.
  4. Attach the Top of the Wall.

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Is a sill plate structural?

A sill plate (also called a sole plate, or simply a “sill”) is the bottom piece of wall structure where wall studs are attached. They are typically anchored to the foundation and serve as a very important component of all houses.

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What are the most common sheathing for residential construction?

Structural Sheathing Common structural sheathings include plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), wafer board, and exterior gypsum board. When choosing plywood, OSB, or wafer-board panels, be sure they are rated as wall sheathing and choose an appropriate thickness.

What is wall plate height?

WALL PLATES. Wall plates should generally be in lengths of not less than 3m but shorter lengths should extend over at least 3 joists/rafters or trusses. Wall plates should be joined using half-lapped joints at corners and in running lengths.

What is the bottom 2×4 of a wall called?

The studs are the vertical pieces that make up most of a wall’s frame. The cavities between the studs are called bays (or stud bays). A horizontal piece at the bottom of the wall is called the bottom plate. Often a doubled 2×4, it anchors the top ends of the studs as well as ties the wall into the ceiling.

What does top plate mean in construction?

Wall Frame Top Plate A Top Plate is the continuous timber beam on top of the walls that supports the roof structure by carrying the vertical forces from the rafters to the wall studs.