Can I buy bacteriostatic water at a pharmacy?

You can typically find it in a vial form at any pharmacy behind the counter, and you can buy it without a prescription. Each vial contains multiple applications. Bacteriostatic water has a shelf life of roughly 28 days before it loses its ability to prevent bacterial growth once opened.

Bacteriostatic Water is NOT available on eBay or Amazon. HCGSupplies has no Bacteriostatic water shortage. Order as much as you need. Some people call this Bac Water, Sterile Water with alcohol, Barostatic Water, Bacteria Static Water, Biostatic Water, or Hospira Water.

Subsequently, question is, what bacteriostatic water is used for? Bacteriostatic Water (bacteriostatic water for injection) is sterile water containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol that is used to dilute or dissolve medications; the container can be reentered multiple times (usually by a sterile needle) and the benzyl alcohol suppresses or stops the growth of most potentially contaminating

Thereof, can I buy bacteriostatic water at CVS?

Before I walk in there and make a fool out of myself, will CVS sell bacteriostatic water to me without a scrip? Yes they should. They might ask for an ID to make sure you are over 21 but it won’t require a prescription.

How much bacteriostatic water do I put in HGH?

Reconstitute each 5-mg vial with 1 to 5 mL Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP (benzyl alcohol preserved) and each 10-mg vial with 1 to 10 mL of Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP (benzyl alcohol preserved).

Should bacteriostatic water be refrigerated?

When the vial is opened the water should be used within 28 days. After this time it is best to discard it. It should be stored in a dark place at temperatures between 60 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteriostatic water is safe in most applications.

Do you need a prescription to buy bacteriostatic water?

Bacteriostatic water is a highly sterile form of distilled water that prevents the growth of bacteria. You can typically find it in a vial form at any pharmacy behind the counter, and you can buy it without a prescription.

How long is bacteriostatic water good for?

Most manufacturers of bacteriostatic water recommend that any unused water be discarded after 28 days, just in case the benzyl alcohol has lost any of its efficiency in preventing bacterial growth over time.

Is bacteriostatic water and sterile water the same?

Sterile water is water that doesn’t have any microorganisms, also known as ‘microbes’, in it. Bacteriostatic water is sterile water that contains a bacteriostat, a chemical that prevents the growth of bacteria in the vial. The bacteriostat used is benzyl alcohol.

What kind of water do you mix with HCG?

The HCG usually includes a 1ml ampoule of liquid sterile saline to be mixed with it, however, this amount is not sufficient for our experimental injections and should be discarded. An entirely new, large vial of Bacteriostatic Water is required.

Do you have to use bacteriostatic water for HCG?

Chances are if you are about to begin your journey with the HCG Diet Protocol you may be wondering what bacteriostatic water is, and why it is important to incorporate it into the HCG hormone delivery. Simply put, bacteriostatic water is water specially cleaned or filtered for the purpose of medical use.

Does bacteriostatic water go bad?

Bacteriostatic water does have a shelf life, and it should be discarded after 28 days since the benzyl alcohol can lose its potency after this time.

Can you use sterile water for injection?

Sterile Water for Injection, USP, is sterile, nonpyrogenic, distilled water in a single dose container for intravenous administration after addition of a suitable solute. It may also be used as a dispensing container for diluent use. No antimicrobial or other substance has been added.

How do you make bacteriostatic water?

How to make your own bacteriostatic water Use alcohol pads and clean the tops of the vial and the benzyl alcohol. Determine your measurements. We will be using a 99.1% water to 0.09% benzyl alcohol solution. Measure out the benzyl alcohol and put it in the vial that will hold your final solution. Measure out the water and put it in the vial with the alcohol.

How do you mix HCG with bacteriostatic water?

Step 2: Remove the plastic cap from your HCG vial and use an isopropyl alcohol wipe to wipe the top of your vial. Slowly add the bacteriostatic water to the HCG vial and swirl the vial to fully dissolve the lyophilized HCG. DO NOT SHAKE! Step 4: Refrigerate your mixed HCG vial.

Is 0.9 Sodium chloride the same as bacteriostatic water?

Bacteriostatic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, isotonic solution of sodium chloride in water for injection. Each milliliter (mL) contains sodium chloride 9 mg and 0.9% (9 mg/mL) benzyl alcohol added as a bacteriostatic preservative.

Do you need a prescription to buy sterile water?

You do not need a prescription. The prescription is to make sure that you get water sterile per medical requirements, and so that you get to claim it against your insurance.

Can bacteriostatic water be frozen?

It freezes. It’s better to leave in the fridge, some Bacteriostatic agents can be damaged in freezing temperatures, this is why it states to store at 2-8C. I had mine in the freezer for a few weeks.

How long is sterile water good after opened?

Because of the single-use labeling, the bottle of irrigation fluid cannot be labeled with the date and time opened and used as needed for up to 24 hours before discarding. Please discard any unused irrigation fluid immediately after initial use.