What is rounding to the greatest place value?


In order to round each value to the greatest place value, look at the second digit in the number. If it is 5 or higher, then the first number becomes one greater, and the rest of the digits become zeros. If it is 4 or lower, then the first number stays the same, and the rest of the numbers become zeros.

Furthermore, what is 25.691 rounded to the greatest place? In order to round 25.691 to the greatest place or the nearest whole number, first start at the last digit behind the decimal, in the case, being the 1. When it comes to things like this, if the digit is 4&under meaning its the number 4,3,2,1 or 0.

Consequently, what is the round to the highest place value of 4567?

Round up to the Highest place value of 4567 is 5,000.

What is the highest place value of 36234?

1 Expert Answer Part 1: “Round 258 to the highest place value” I think means “Round 258 to its highest place value.” If that is correct then the answer is 300 since the hundreds place value is the largest in 258. Part 2: Estimate to the highest place value: 258+62= 320 which rounds to 300.

What is the place value of 6 in 64?

Each digit has a value depending on its place called the place value of the digit. Place value of a digit = (face value of the digit) × (value of the place). Hence, the place value of 6 in 64 = 6 x 10 = 60.

What is a greatest value?

THE GREATEST OR HIGHEST PLACE VALUE IS THE DIGIT FARTHEST TO THE LEFT IN A NUMBER. IT COULD BE ANY NUMBER EXCEPT ZERO. LOOK AT THE NUMBER 3654. The 3 is the greatest or highest place value number because it is the digit farthest to the left. The 3 is in the thousands place.

What is the place value of 8 in 82411?

Q: What is the place value chart for the number 82,411? Ten Thousands Thousands Tens 8 2 1

What is 43.29 rounded to the nearest tenth?

The correct answer is 43.3.

What is rounded to the nearest 10th?

Round to the Nearest Tenth: 0.74 The tenths digit stays the same at 7. Since the remaining digits are after the decimal point you just drop them.

How do you round off value?

To round off whole numbers: Find the place value you want (the “rounding digit”) and look to the digit just to the right of it. If that digit is less than 5, do not change the “rounding digit” but change all digits to the right of the “rounding digit” to zero.

What is the nearest place value?

When the number you are rounding is between 0-4, you round down to the next lowest number. When the number is 5-9, you round the number up to the next highest number. When we round a number, we round it to the nearest place value. This could be the tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.