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Zar Ali Khan Afridi, Tribal NGOs Consortium, Peshawar

I present my congratulation to all those who worked for launching a new and important website regarding FATA reforms. Rest assure that this new website will be helpful for all those who are interested to know about the plights and miseries of people of FATA. FATA Reforms website is a valuable tool for tribal reformers from Bajaur to South Waziristan and all six Frontier Regions of FATA from FR Peshawar to FR DI Khan. I am thankful for the website’s contribution for a better and prosperous future in FATA and its dwellers.

Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Hope of the Hapless, Peshawar

The website is extremely useful to know the actual mind and thinking of each other regarding the helm of the affairs of FATA. I personally believe that the FATA is only a source of income of earning for highly placed officials keeping in view the postings, appointments of the FATA officials.

Abdul Fazal Mahmud, Adopt-a-School Programme

This website is direly needed great advance for FATA. It is a shame that such a vast area is as yet excluded from normal democratic processes of the country. It should be incorporated in the mainstream political social and educational processes going on in the country.


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