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Asif Khan, SNGPL Pakistan, Peshawar

This website is welcome and FATA Reforms are the need of the hour. They should be undertaken with the consultation of all stakeholders especially civil society of the tribal areas.

Zar Ali Khan Afridi, Tribal NGOs Consortium, Peshawar

I present my congratulation to all those who worked for launching a new and important website regarding FATA reforms. Rest assure that this new website will be helpful for all those who are interested to know about the plights and miseries of people of FATA. FATA Reforms website is a valuable tool for tribal reformers from Bajaur to South Waziristan and all six Frontier Regions of FATA from FR Peshawar to FR DI Khan. I am thankful for the website’s contribution for a better and prosperous future in FATA and its dwellers.

Saif Afridi, ICCBS, Khyber Agency

The FATA Reforms website is a best effort from the organizers. We should spread our message through this website across the whole world by sharing through social media. We should stand for our rights at each and every forum.


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