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Shahid Khan, KUST, Mohmand Agency

I love Pakistan and I appreciate the FATA Reforms website.

M. Ilyas Afridi, student, Khyber Agency

The FATA Reforms website is a place where everyone can find everything regarding FATA’s economy, resources, minerals, culture, and people. The website plays a very crucial role in the FATA reform process by concentrating the minds of politicians, academicians, policymakers and think-tankers to make efforts to change the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) and other laws for the benefit of FATA people. I wish a lot of congratulations to the FATA Reforms website as it is struggling and contributing energy to bring reforms in FCR for the benefit of FATA people.

Naimat Ullah, Khyber Agency

I am very happy regarding the website and the information uploaded here by different thinkers and people. I myself downloaded the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) and its complete background. If the FATA Reforms website can help me with other research it will be highly appreciable.


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