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Saif Afridi, ICCBS, Khyber Agency

The FATA Reforms website is a best effort from the organizers. We should spread our message through this website across the whole world by sharing through social media. We should stand for our rights at each and every forum.

Shaukat Ali, M. Phil student, Bajaur Agency

I have been a member of this platform for a few months and think that the FATA Reforms website will help the people of the FATA. It will help in efforts made to give rights to the people of FATA, and will ensure that people of FATA are also true citizens of Pakistan. Thank you to all working on this website.

Riaz Papin, Peshawar

I really appreciate your great efforts. I completed my M. Phil. from National Defence University, Islamabad and my research topic was “Bringing Peace to the Troubled FATA Region – The Governance Perspective”. The research focuses on the historical evolution of the traditional governance system of FATA and how it has been the major reason for the current turmoil; how it perpetuates the miseries of FATA people and establish the need to mainstream FATA through political, administrative , judicial and economic reforms. It discusses many myths developed over time that are frequently being used to maintain and reinforce the status quo. The thesis culminates with a wide range of recommendations.


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